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iReservoir.com provides world-class consulting services in reservoir characterization and simulation to oil and gas companies using state-of-the-art geoscience and engineering technologies. Our 17 years of distinctive projects competencies and competitive advantage are embodied in the breadth of technical expertise and diverse experience we provide, specifically in the area of integrated reservoir characterization, calibrated geophysics, geomodeling, reservoir engineering and simulation, reservoir management, EOR/IOR, and unconventional resources.

Geology-Geophysics-Engineering-Integration Geology Geophysics Engineering Integration

Oil and Gas asset management studies require an interdisciplinary, integrated approach to assess field development opportunities. iReservoir.com is unique in our ability to offer truly integrated reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering, and geomodeling from core and analog field work, calibrated seismic inversion, static geomodeling, upscaling, and reservoir simulation, on through to uncertainty analyses and operational recommendations. We have significant diverse experience with unconventional reservoirs including a newly developed ultrafast massively parallel GPU reservoir simulator (Echelon) that can model 25 million cell dual porosity unconventional reservoirs.

What makes iReservoir's integration different? We provide the ultimate answer for any reservoir by specializing in the core disciplines needed to perform most reservoir integrated studies: geology, petrophysics, geophysics, geomodeling, and reservoir engineering; by specializing in non-sequential integration of knowledge, data and software designed to enhance value; by using “Best of Class” software for each discipline instead of single platform from one vendor, as well as proprietary applications tailored to solve specific problems of the client; by emphasizing feasibility, quality control and calibration of results with hard data; and by focusing on providing solutions for the reservoir rather than simply applying technologies.

Our goal is to create an integrated understanding of the reservoir in order to realize its maximum economic potential for the client. We develop close interactions between different disciplines, data types and concepts. We pay close attention to details, and do not limit integration to a collection of software applications used sequentially.

We have extensive experience in both clastic, carbonate, and unconventional reservoirs with over 220 reservoir studies completed around the world. We have studied a wide variety of naturally fractured reservoirs and have developed methods for integrating seismic in the characterization process. We have performed studies on all types of fluids (gas, condensates, oils, heavy oil) and all types of recovery mechanisms (depletion, waterflooding, gravity drainage, and EOR).

Our US experience base covers the entire Rocky Mountain region, the Permian basin, the Gulf of Mexico, East Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Eastern Basins and Alaska, while our international experience base covers the UK and Norwegian North Sea, Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, South Africa, South America, Mexico, Indonesia, China, and Russia.