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iReservoir Brochures

PDF Download What do we do?: iReservoir Company Introduction
PDF Download Integration Philosophy Disciplines Workflows
PDF Download Unconventional Resource Characterization: Key Questions for Resource Plays
PDF Download Echelon GPU Flow-Sim: Introduction to GPU Numerical Processing
PDF Download Fractured Reservoirs
PDF Download Fracture Modeling with Seismic Constraints
PDF Download Seismic to Flow Simulation in fractured, unconventional reservoirs
PDF Download Tight Gas: Case Study: Jonah
PDF Download Seismic Probabilities for Reservoir Simulation
PDF Download Beyond Seismic Inversion: Case Study: Facies Probabilities from Seismic
PDF Download 3D-3C Seismic Data for Reservoir Characterization
PDF Download Streamline Modeling
PDF Download Training in Reservoir Characterization and Simulation
PDF Download People

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